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This is the privacy policy of the site Jocuri-y8.ro and tells you how we use your personal information collected on this site. Please read this privacy policy before using the site or send your personal information. By using Jocuri-y8.ro site, you agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. These practices may be changed, and any changes made will be posted here and all modifications will only apply to activities and future and not retroactively. We encourage you to visit this page whenever you visit the site Jocuri-y8.ro to ensure that you are aware of the changes to this Privacy Policy and to inform you about how we use your information private. This privacy policy is applicable only to this website and for no other partner sites.


We collect personally identifiable information such as name, email address, city, only when such information is made public with your consent through the registration process on the site and by customizing profile as a registered member of the site Jocuri-y8.ro. This personal information is only used to fulfill your request you on this site and many fine record membership. Exceptions can be made if we grant permission to use your personal information in any other way. For example, adding your email address on our list so we can send a newsletter. At your express request, sent visiting our contact section, Jocuri-y8.ro ensure the right of access and intervention on your personal data and the right to oppose, in accordance with Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, law published in Official Gazette no. 790 of 12 December 2001 and the regulations issued in implementation. If you do not agree with these provisions, please send us a notification email at the contact address and we will delete personal data from your membership account. Jocuri-y8.ro will not use your information for any other purpose than to maintain communication with you, to keep you up to date with news on our website or by email or through a newsletter to which you can subscribe / unsubscribe after your free choice. Jocuri-y8.ro not provide in any form, any third party, your information private, (name, email, address, phone, etc.) are in our databases, for commercial purposes or any other kind.

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In other news, because Google ads you see on the website Jocuri-y8.ro not become boring or uninteresting, you can choose what kind of ads you want to see on the website Jocuri-y8.ro, depending on the category your chosen interest. For example, if you are passionate about sports, you can choose to see ads in this category or if you are fond of cars can choose to view ads that contain ads about cars, etc.

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Hi, I`m Y8 alien, and I invite you to my planet that you can access virtual typing games Y8.ro to know us better and also to have fun, learn new things and why not find out what are newest online games for kids that you want to provide them Y8 is a free and completely free whenever you want to play. Different cartoon characters inspired are ranked in different categories so suggestively entitled to find them more easily.

Also try the site with games for children to create a larger group of members expand our friendships among you all keep in touch and so between us, all those who are on www.jocuri-Y8.ro. Besides this site you can create an active account in order to find out the latest games of the moment, and if you think the game that you just played is to your liking if we enjoy it you vote and you grant a like on Facebook and +1 on Google. Also after playing every game Y8 wait to tell her how you feel about him and had to vote for the stars, so that a star means the lowest vote and 5 stars is the equivalent of the best game play. Depending on the votes that we offer we try to classify the rated games and most played games are the most popular of online games we offer all children.

Well, I say it over with and we start the game, as this is the reason Y8 created this site and wants to have fun with you forever, and if they want to give you some games Y8 invite you to sit there and tell us that thoughts are your expectations from Y8.ro games and we will try to do everything in our power so that we can create the most beautiful Y8 games for players.