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PAIR OF KINGS GAMES offers the newest online games with Pair of Kings Games offered in flash format which you can play for free whenever you want. Pair of Kings Games contains 2 games and the last game was added 29.05.2013.

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Latest Pair of Kings Games

King of the Climb
King of the Climb

A new game in which Brady and Boomer will have to climb the vines of the forest and jungle and also to dodge all the obstacles that were in front of them, to go with all the missions and adventures than leaving them in way and...

Pair of Kings Bad Gifts
Pair of Kings Bad Gifts

First Pair of Kings game is a game full of gifts that you need to eliminate as many of the gifts that you have associated these games cutting them with a ninja sword as they guide you to use it as well and accurately. Careful...

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Pair of Kings series tells the story of two brothers Brady and Boomer were raised by their uncle and mature in Chicago living quietly in his hometown with friends and family. Once a royal descendant name Mason comes to the school where they teach two future kings island was to be descended Kinkow and begin to realize how important they are like and what could be their future. Since the king can only be one higher than Vastra should have become Rega, but the problem arises when the two do not know who was born first, and as a result of the fact that they are twins all this funny story takes a turn as both will be king one by another. Characters who participate in this story are great King Brady, who is the same color as his father having a special attraction after a girl named Mikayla that they tried to fall in love and also to marry her. King Boomer color inherits his mother, on the other hand it is a totally spoiled, just do what he wants and what they think is right, is truly curious and adventurers often delving into trouble which fails to stand alone . Mikayla Makoola Mason's daughter who has a responsibility to help people from the royal court of the castle and all the other protagonists of this cartoon. Although Brady wants to conquer at any price, it looks uninterested in him and always manages to repel him in everything he does. Lanny is cousin brothers Brady and Boomer Boz which was the main succeeded, until the arrival of twins, which is currently a malicious antagonist series and reusete is to impose the wickedness that give evidence. Mikayla and Mason Makoola father is good friends with the royal brothers. A second antagonist in this cartoon is very well known by Boz King evilness and wickedness which often give evidence. Well team offers bonus games to play and invites you to compete with pocket Kings difersele games that we offer in free mode in flash format specifically designed for your category.