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Jocuri-Y8.ro offers the newest online games with I Didnt Do It Games offered in flash format which you can play for free whenever you want. I Didnt Do It Games contains 1 games and the last game was added 28.06.2014.

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I Didn't Do It Memory
I Didn't Do It Memory


Not my fault Memory is a very interesting and added to the first category, where all you will need to do is to make sure that each of the following obstacles will be placed safely in the shortest tinm. Do not forget to do this...

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Games not my fault is one of the newest and most interesting categories that you have the chance to try them on our website, where www.jocuri-y8.ro team wants you to try day by day the disney games more exciting that you desire to go through completely, but most important is to win. Once you start these super games not my fault you will see that you can not to break them because you have done some very interesting things where you can not stop in making them. Well, if you are very careful and daring will tell you a little story now that Disney is behind this show full of creativity and fun for teenagers. Here you will know the story of five teenagers very fun and wonderful, two of them are twins, and the rest of their friends are the best. Twins Lindy and Logan are very handsome brothers and their friends are called Jasmine Garrett and Delia. They team up together and always shock causes some problems trying to escape the blame all the time. Any episode that starts will carry out the adventures of one of those teens who object has an end very badly for them. Their parents always reprimands them for the crap they do, and they always try to blame others telling them that none of them is to blame, but actually they all are. These teens just entered the ninth grade so they're very daring buds, so we are sure not to disappoint us to help wherever they need. They always try to integrate among the largest and students to impress but often not such a thing before. Lindy is a girl different than the others because he loves to play sports very smart and learn also that her brother considered a nerd. Logan, her brother is a very relaxed guy who always tries to be very cool impressing others, or at least try to. A good friend of the twins is Jasmine, who is always fashionable and try to make very noticeable among school divas. Garret is a very annoying very often because she annoys others with the spirit of cleaning because it annoys even if he sees a small firmiutra mess somewhere. This make others very frustrated in his presence. The last girl in the show is Delia, who is the most honest person in the whole group. She always says what's on his mind which makes others to be angry often. Well, we advise you to try each of these games not my fault and gain on each. Do not miss any of the new adventures that you can be a witness and finish games better altogether. If you've enjoyed playing these games with not my fault and we advise you to give us a like or a comment.