The first game with Austin and Ally is a children's game where you have to compose the most beautiful and latest songs with celebrities that we all know and thus can try to get the best composer and your music to reach the top of the most beautiful songs presented. What you have to do this time is to try to create a melodic line with a negative voice as well, which connect them in a style that sounded great as well, and you become the best composer of songs. After you finish the new game and manage to pass all levels of difficulty are waiting to leave us a comment and tell us how did you find the new game and a vote from you so that we realize the quality of the game and your aprecierila .

How can I play?

the mouse will have to put portions of music stave that you have in front of you.

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Read what other players have commented

1. adrian say:

Date: 09.06.2014

este cel mai cel mai tare tare joc din lume si din univers! imi vine sa-l joc pana oi muri eu

2. Martina Stoessel say:

Date: 03.05.2014

Foarte Frumos jocul!

3. Violetta-Romania say:

Date: 02.05.2014

Eu dau adresa de facebook. E superb.Si cine zice ca e Violetta minte ea nu vorbeste romaneste

4. criss say:

Date: 07.04.2014

e tare jocul dar e putin cam complicat ,dar e si super.

5. alexandra say:

Date: 12.03.2014

de ce e jumatate de joc

6. Luisa say:

Date: 08.02.2014

Excelent jocul. Foarte dragut.

7. briana.u say:

Date: 07.02.2014

e interesant ,dar este un pic greu imi place sa cant si deaia il face un joc frumos.

8. andreea say:

Date: 06.02.2014


9. andreea say:

Date: 05.02.2014

cel maisuper si un mic comentariu eu nu cred ca martina storsel a jucat acest joc

10. austin si ally say:

Date: 03.02.2014

va asteptam sa va uitati in fiecare sambata la austin si ally de la ora 09:00,numai la disney channel

11. gabriela say:

Date: 03.02.2014

cellllllllllmai tare saittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttgameeeeeeeeeeee

12. Bianca say:

Date: 22.01.2014

Imi place mult jocul.!!

13. Bianca say:

Date: 22.01.2014

Super jocull!!

14. bibi say:

Date: 03.01.2014

hip hop nu

15. lavinia say:

Date: 29.12.2013

de parca v-ar chema violetta. se crie cu 2 de t pentru ca e nume de spanioli

16. radu ionut say:

Date: 21.12.2013

este plictis

17. ionut say:

Date: 21.12.2013

este plictisitor mai denisa tu esti in clasa a5d si esti cu silvia

18. melania say:

Date: 14.12.2013

superb joc

19. alexia say:

Date: 23.11.2013

super jocul,dar de ce nu putem pune partiturile pe foaia data la pasul 3 si sa o salvam in calculator?

20. martina stoessel say:

Date: 17.11.2013

peggio gioco.

21. violetta say:

Date: 18.10.2013

super jocu

22. lavinia say:

Date: 09.10.2013

super si mie imi place sa compun .e cel mai tare jc!!!!!!! locul unu

23. codrin say:

Date: 13.09.2013


24. georgiana say:

Date: 19.08.2013

ie frumos dar nu ie ca jocul cu violetta

25. laura say:

Date: 17.08.2013

va multumesc ca jucati jocuri cu mine si austin va multumesc mult

26. DENISA say:

Date: 29.07.2013


27. viorela say:

Date: 13.07.2013

imi place imbracamintea lui ally

28. violetta say:

Date: 13.07.2013

e super

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