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A War Regular Show is one of the new games that we're now ready to category Mordecai and Rigbi games that are very eager to meet you and show you all the new tricks they have prepared for you. Well, it seems that these two have started a war very dangerous paints that if you manage to keep it under control, it will turn everything into chaos. Try not to get beaten any of the missions that have taken part because if you do, it will mean that you will have to start over and we do not want this. Try to shoot a gun as well, using the Z key, which will also target, or if you think you're ready for a more powerful weapon then we suggest to use the X key Remember that expect your comments on the game, or even a like if you enjoyed.

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1. Edi say:

Date: 18.03.2015

Iei,insfarsit am terminat jocul in 2-ua zile si jumatate.

2. edi say:

Date: 25.07.2014

super joc tare

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