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Toon Cup 2013 is one of the best 3D games football with Finn and Jake, Generator Rex, Gumball, and Rigbi Mordecai and all the other characters from Cartoon Network where you have to choose your character loves you the most Moreover, to participate in football after particularly difficult and complicated that you have times the number of times you get to win these sports events they have. Once you have chosen your favorite team which can be part including Ben 10 Omniverse will be able to earn points scoring more goals in the opponent's goal and in this way you do not get to become the best and most powerful player football that we have on the ground. Well, once your liking football is and how you love to do sports, I invite you to leave a comment for this game and tell us if you like and if you return to play.

How can I play?

Use the arrow keys to move. Click the X to get the ball when it's not you, X percent of the time it's on you and Z teammates to pass to.

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Read what other players have commented

1. George say:

Date: 28.03.2015

Am batut cu 100-0

2. darius say:

Date: 14.02.2015

am castigat cu romania in fata norvegiei cu 4-0

3. cristi say:

Date: 04.01.2015

im place jocul mult

4. Cosmin say:

Date: 28.12.2014

Tare jocul! Am dat 56 goluri consecutive si am luat si cupa !

5. iulian say:

Date: 17.11.2014

am castigat cu 11-0

6. FLAVIUS say:

Date: 12.10.2014


7. cuz den say:

Date: 10.10.2014

e bun jocul am cistigat cu rominia in finala scorul a fost 6-0 cu anglia

8. denis vasile stefan say:

Date: 25.09.2014

tare are o grafica foarte buna merita si cupa toon 2013 si cupa toon 2014 apropo cupa toon 2014 arata mai bine daca vrei sa il descarci pe telefon costa bani !

9. denis say:

Date: 25.09.2014

tare am loat cupa mondiala va recomand si cupaa ton 2014

10. denis say:

Date: 25.09.2014


11. gociu raul say:

Date: 02.09.2014

4 la 1

12. aletud say:

Date: 28.08.2014

e super. dar mai adaugati va rog jucatorr.

13. aletud say:

Date: 28.08.2014

supeer am castigat cu romania 6-1 contra germanie merita incercat

14. andrei say:

Date: 23.07.2014

e super tare jocul

15. Ciprian Baa say:

Date: 14.07.2014

am batut toate echipele cu 10-0

16. ivan say:

Date: 10.07.2014

e cel mai tare joc am castigat odata 60/1

17. shadow say:

Date: 06.07.2014

iam rupt pe toti

18. munteanu ionut say:

Date: 04.07.2014

e super

19. alexx say:

Date: 04.07.2014

este cel mai tare joc am dat 22 goluri si in alt me ci am dat 16

20. florin say:

Date: 04.07.2014


21. georgik say:

Date: 03.07.2014

e tare am loat cupa

22. eedde say:

Date: 02.07.2014


23. alex say:

Date: 01.07.2014

farte tare acest joc am castigat de atatea ori cu echipa Romania

24. razvi say:

Date: 28.06.2014

nu imi merge cand dau play totul e negru

25. mihnea say:

Date: 27.06.2014

este un joc creat foarte frumos si mai ales foarte misto

26. mures say:

Date: 24.06.2014

super tare

27. leo say:

Date: 21.06.2014

am batut cu 8 la 0 cu romania

28. Andrei say:

Date: 20.06.2014

Am castiga cupa cu Romania cu 10 la 1 in fata Germaniei!..

29. Connect-r say:

Date: 19.06.2014

In 3 min. pot sa dau 21 de goluri.Eu ma asteptam sa-i bagati si pe ,,Razboinicii Saolin".

30. ema say:

Date: 13.05.2014

este tare

31. alex say:

Date: 08.05.2014

am castigat ieri la 2.1

32. andrei say:

Date: 27.04.2014

am castigat cupa cu 5 la 1

33. RAUL say:

Date: 11.04.2014


34. alex say:

Date: 10.04.2014


35. cristi say:

Date: 08.04.2014

mie imi place

36. BOGDAN say:

Date: 08.03.2014

de ce nu

37. david say:

Date: 03.02.2014

e marfa jocul

38. cata say:

Date: 02.02.2014


39. Stefi say:

Date: 27.01.2014

Ador jocurile

40. Dani say:

Date: 27.12.2013

ecel mai tare joc din lume am castigat de 29 de4 ori

41. Marius say:

Date: 08.12.2013

tare tare tare !!! este foarte tare !!

42. super star of all games say:

Date: 30.11.2013

this game is fantassssssssssssssssssssssssstic

43. super star of all games say:

Date: 30.11.2013

this game is fantassssssssssssssssssssssssstic

44. victoria 12 say:

Date: 23.11.2013

superb am castigat finala la golul de aur 4 3

45. ciobul123 say:

Date: 02.11.2013

prostie cu P mare

46. multescu say:

Date: 06.10.2013

Ttttttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jocu.

47. sandra say:

Date: 05.10.2013

e tare frate

48. say say:

Date: 04.10.2013



Date: 15.09.2013

prea putini jucatori

50. lasadassdw say:

Date: 15.09.2013

Super jocurile y8!

51. rares say:

Date: 07.09.2013

E foarte tare cupa cartoon 2013!Eu am dat 9 goluri de doua ori si am castigat cupa de 4 ori!

52. ana geanina say:

Date: 06.09.2013

ce mai faceti fin si printesa gumita

53. iuli say:

Date: 05.09.2013

Super jocurile y8!

54. Mario say:

Date: 05.09.2013

jocul este super si am dat o-6 Dextar da multe goluri si lipseste garfild si flegec

55. razvan say:

Date: 04.09.2013

am batut cu 11-0

56. paul say:

Date: 02.09.2013

e cel mai tare joc am castigat cupa de10 ori

57. alexe say:

Date: 02.09.2013



Date: 02.09.2013

imi place jocul am castigat cupa de doua ori

59. alexe say:

Date: 01.09.2013

super tare

60. caln say:

Date: 31.08.2013

jocul e super

61. darius say:

Date: 30.08.2013

e foarte fain

62. ronaldo say:

Date: 28.08.2013

154 de goluri am dat

63. bcbccb say:

Date: 26.08.2013

defapt am mintit nu am batut cu 25 la 0 si cu 1 la 32

64. david say:

Date: 20.08.2013

da,e tare dar cam putini jucatori

65. alexpop2 say:

Date: 20.08.2013

smecherrrrrrrrr rau de tot

66. dino say:

Date: 15.08.2013


67. mi fa so fa mi fa so mi re do so say:

Date: 14.08.2013


68. roli say:

Date: 14.08.2013

ma miam ales tot si cand sa incep mio aratat numai negru si muzica suna

69. silviu say:

Date: 14.08.2013

desi e un joc bun nu are toate personajele . Lipseste flepgec .

70. Ben say:

Date: 11.08.2013

Acum incepe distractia.

71. Marcel say:

Date: 04.08.2013

foarte tare

72. simo say:

Date: 03.08.2013

nik ta mere

73. Unda say:

Date: 01.08.2013

Ce naiba ba astora le dam numai goluri


Date: 31.07.2013


75. STEFAN say:

Date: 31.07.2013


76. ARES say:

Date: 31.07.2013


77. gabriel say:

Date: 31.07.2013

ciao io sono gabi in bucharest mi piacciono delle calcio coppa cartoon il lega profesionista di calcio americano di major league soccer in canada e toronto fc e montreal impact di calcio si! ciao

78. Andrei say:

Date: 31.07.2013

Calculati si voi mai bine 245+5468+648738888888+8264376346537647254+2789364765472578236t21624

79. Matei say:

Date: 31.07.2013

Eu am dat 12 goluri

80. alex say:

Date: 29.07.2013

e celmai tare joc am reusitsafa 10_6

81. Matei say:

Date: 27.07.2013

Salut imi place jocul

82. chipciu say:

Date: 26.07.2013

Am dat 27 de goluri consecutive. Oooleeeee, ole, ole,ole!!! Cel mai tare joc!!!!!

83. kaka say:

Date: 24.07.2013


84. stefann77 say:

Date: 21.07.2013

am dat cu 14-0 din mijlocu terenului

85. rusescu say:

Date: 14.07.2013

am dat 24 de goluri consecutive

86. bcbccb say:

Date: 10.07.2013

amm batut cu 25-0.

87. cornea robert say:

Date: 09.07.2013

cine la facut e cel mai tare

88. adrian say:

Date: 04.07.2013

foarte frumos jocu sa mai bage jucatori din serialul ala cu casa prietenilor imaginari

89. ionut say:

Date: 04.07.2013


90. adrian say:

Date: 04.07.2013

fotbalistu da n-ai calculat bn 21+16+13=50 ai dat 50 de goluri si ai primit 1

91. fotbalistu say:

Date: 02.07.2013

am dat 49 de goluri primul meci 21-0 al doilea 16-1 ultimul 13-0

92. albert say:

Date: 01.07.2013

frumos sa mai bage jucatori din babylade si bakugan

93. albert say:

Date: 01.07.2013

super sa ma ibage jucatori din bebylade si bakugan

94. albert say:

Date: 01.07.2013

super jocuri dar sa mai aduge jucatori din ben adica extraterestir si din beyblade si bakugan

95. piticu say:

Date: 01.07.2013

tare joc

96. Messi say:

Date: 01.07.2013

is a good game

97. stelistu say:

Date: 28.06.2013

am dt 24 de goluri primul meci=6-1 al doilea=9-0 al treilea =9-0

98. palade say:

Date: 27.06.2013

frumos jocu dar ar mai tb jucatori si de ce cate odata nu merge

99. rex say:

Date: 26.06.2013

am dat 15 goluri consecutive

100. Eduardo say:

Date: 25.06.2013

Foarte frumos jocu numai sa mai adaugati jucatori

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